With a porous and uneven textured surface, both the Mesh and Lurex Sponge can gently remove stains without scratching and damaging the surface of the item being cleaned—suitable for Teflon, plastic, enamel, and/or stainless steel surfaces.

The texture of the mesh or Lurex surface covering of these sponges is designed for cleaning and removing stains without scratching; the sponge wrapped inside the mesh or Lurex covering is designed to easily hold and dispense detergent and soap.


PU foam, Polyester mesh, metallic PET filament

Item Mesh Sponge
Material(s) Polyester mesh, PU foam
Available size(s)(inches) 0.8”x3.2”x5.9”1.8”x3.5”x7”
(custom sizes available)
Available color(s) mesh: white foam: pink, yellow, blue (custom colors available)
Item Lurex Sponge
Material(s) metallic Polyester PU foam
Available size(s)(inches) 1.5”x2.5”x3.5”, 0.5”x2.5”x5”,0.5”x3.5”x4.5”
(custom sizes available)
Available color(s) gold, silver, pink, blue (custom colors available)
Item Dual Purpose Sponge
Material(s) metallic Polyester, Nylon PU foam
Available size(s)(inches) (dia. x h.) 4.5”x1.2”
(custom sizes available)
Available color(s) silver + blue (custom colors available)